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LSU Manship School of mass Communication

Undergraduate Program

What is mass communication?

Mass communication is the study of the mass media (Internet, television, social media, radio, newspapers, magazines) and the individuals and organizations that produce, curate, innovate, and contribute to the mass media (journalists, public relations professionals, advertising executives, political communicators). We experience some form of mass communication every day, if not every minute. Mass communication is now our social and interactive infrastructure that helps us experience our lives, our communities, and the world.


Undergraduate Program

The Manship School of Mass Communication undergraduate program offers students opportunities to be part of the digital world. We offer a broad scope of courses, ranging from media writing, visual communication, and digital brands to media law and ethics. We also give students real-world training and the hands-on experience necessary to be successful in their future careers. Majors in the Manship School work toward a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication. They concentrate their studies in one of four areas: Digital Advertising, Journalism, Political Communication and Public Relations.