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LSU Manship School of mass Communication

Faculty Research Profiles

Jinx C. BroussardDr. Jinx Broussard



 PhD: 2001, The University of Southern Mississippi- Media History, Public Relations, Qualitative Research Methods


E-mail: jinxy@lsu.edu


Dr. Jinx Broussard, a  Ph.D. graduate of the School of Mass Communication and Journalism, is the William Dickinson Distinguished Professor in the Manship School of Mass Communication at Louisiana State University.  She held numerous academic and professional positions before joining LSU’s faculty, including serving as co-chair of the mass communication department at Dillard University in New Orleans where she oversaw a unique collaboration between Dillard and LSU’s Manship School.  Broussard is a faculty member for The New York Times Summer Journalism Institute.  As owner and president of Jinx Broussard Consulting and Public Relations, Inc., which she established in 1994, Broussard has worked with businesses and organizations in New Orleans and beyond.  She worked as the Louisiana press secretary for the Clinton-Gore presidential campaign in 1992 and served as press secretary to Mayor Sidney Barthelemy in New Orleams for seven years.  Broussard was the first Africa-American to earn an undergraduate degree in journalism from LSU, and she went on to earn her master’s degree from there as well.  She is the author of a book, Giving a Voice to the Voiceless: Four Pioneering Black Women Journalist and numerous journal articles and book chapters.  She was inducted into the MCJ Hall of Fame in 2010.


Erin K. Coyle

Erin K. Coyle

Assistant Professor


Email: ekcoyle@lsu.edu


PhD: 2010, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dissertation: “When Press Freedom and Privacy Collide: Reconciling Conflicts
Among Fundamental Democratic Values”

Erin Coyle completed her doctorate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As a graduate student, she received the John B. Adams Award for Excellence in Mass Communication Law, the Minnie S. and Eli A. Rubinstein Research Award, and a Future Faculty Fellowship from UNC-Chapel Hill. She also won the Price Award for the Top Student Paper in the history division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication at the annual convention in 2008. Coyle teaches classes in media writing, media law, and media ethics.


Joshua Darr

Joshua Darr


Assistant Professor


PhD: 2015, University of Pennsylvania- Political Science


Email: jdarr@lsu.edu


Joshua Darr received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Pennsylvania. He also obtained a master’s in political science with an emphasis on American Politics, political communication and methodology at Penn, and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Boston College. His research focuses on the placement and effects of campaign field offices, the importance of local newspapers for voter learning and political awareness, and the ability of campaigns to influence the quantity and tone of their local media coverage.



Yongick Jeong


Associate Professor


PhD: 2007, University of North Carolina – Advertising and Media Effects


E-mail: yjeong@lsu.edu


Yongick Jeong (Ph.D. University of North Carolina) is an assistant professor in the Manship School of Mass Communication. He is interested in measuring the effectiveness of TV commercials, advertising in social and entertainment media, health communication, and public opinion on the Internet. His teaching areas include advertising media planning, management, campaign, persuasion, and research methods.


 Hyojung Park

Assistant Professor

PhD: 2011, University of Missouri


E-mail: hjpark6@lsu.edu


 Hyojung Park is an assistant professor in the Manship School of Mass Communication. She teaches courses in public relations and research methods. She earned a doctorate in journalism from the University of Missouri and a mater’s degree in mass communication from the University of Georgia. Her research focuses on health communication, crisis communication, relationship management in public relations, and corporate social responsibility. She is currently interested in how social media can be effectively utilized for branding, building relationships, and health promotion. Her research and research collaborations won five Top Paper awards at national and international conferences. Her work has appeared in a number of refereed journals, including Journal of Public Relations Research, Journal of Health Communication, and Journal of Business Ethics.


 Ray Pingreepeople_pingree


Assistant Professor


PhD: 2008, University of Wisconsin – Madison

E-mail: rpingree@lsu.edu


 Ray Pingree’s research asks how political communication could make democracy work better in terms of prioritizing and solving problems. He studies dysfunctions in our national discussion such as treating politics as a mere game or competition, too little accountability for dishonesty, and prioritization of issues that favors the sensational and is rarely proactive. His experiments on these dysfunctions aim to find points of leverage that could improve our national discussion either through changes in media or changes in media literacy of the audience.


Lance Porter


Associate Professor


PhD: 2002, University of Georgia – Mass Communication


E-mail: lporter@lsu.edu


With more than 20 years of marketing experience, Lance Porter has focused on digital media since 1995, when he built his first commercial Web site. Before coming to LSU, Porter spent four years as executive director of digital marketing for Disney’s film studio. There he oversaw the digital creative and media strategies for more than 80 films and won a Clio Award for excellence in advertising. He currently chairs the Digital Media Initiative in the Manship School at LSU. He teaches digital media and advertising courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His research on digital, social and mobile media effects has appeared in numerous journals and books devoted to advertising, journalism, public relations and sport.  He holds a joint appointment with the Center for Computation and Technology (CCT) and is a member of the AVATAR faculty. He won the 2009 LSU Alumni Faculty Excellence Award and was the 2010 American Advertising Federation Donald G. Hileman Memorial Educator of the Year in the seventh district.  Porter earned his PhD from the University of Georgia where he helped create the New Media Institute.


 Meghan Sanders


Associate Dean  – Research and Strategic Planning


PhD: Pennsylvania State University – Mass Communication


 E-mail: msand@lsu.edu



Meghan S. Sanders has over 12 years of experience in conducting experimental studies. As director of the Media Effects Lab, she is responsible for assisting faculty, students and professional institutions in conducting projects designed to test audience responses to various media formats and content, using various technologies (i.e. physiological recordings, eye tracking, web tracking, reaction time, etc.). She received her Ph.D. and Master of Arts in Mass Communication degree from Penn State University, and her Bachelors of Arts degree from Dillard University. She is an associate professor in the Manship School of Mass Communication where she teaches research methods and statistical analysis, public relations and mass communication theory courses.


people_SearlesKathleen Searles
Assistant Professor
PhD: 2011, Washington State University – Political Science


E-mail: ksearles@lsu.edu


Kathleen Searles received her Masters and Ph.D. degrees from Washington State University.  Her interests include news media, campaign advertising, and political psychology.  Specifically, her research examines the content of partisan news, the effects of branded television fact-checking on political attitudes, and the influence of emotional campaign ads on political behavior.  She has published in Public Opinion Quarterly, Political Research Quarterly, Political Communication, and Political Psychology among others.