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LSU Manship School of mass Communication

Manship Minute

January 13, 2017: Len Apcar, our Switzer Endowed Chair in Media Literacy, weighs in on the controversy surrounding news coverage of unsubstantiated intelligence reports suggesting President-elect Trump has ties to Russia.


September 20, 2016: Dr. Josh Grimm discusses his research on how uncertainty in news articles undermined adoption of an effective HIV preventative.

August 29, 2016: Daily Reveille reporters Katie Gagliano, Lauren Heffker, William Taylor Potter and Jourdan Riley discuss their front page story on Baton Rouge’s “tumultuous summer of loss.”


August 1, 2016: Dr. Martin Johnson shares key takeaways from the 2016 Democratic National Convention.


July 25, 2016: Dr. Martin Johnson shares key takeaways from the 2016 Republican National Convention.



July 14, 2016: Dean Jerry Ceppos discusses how recent events in Baton Rouge and Dallas highlight the need for more diversity in the newsroom.



July 5, 2016: Dr. Erin Coyle discusses how modern presidents seek to control their image by limiting visual journalists’ access to events, and how this affects our democracy. Dr. Coyle’s research on this topic, “Filtering history: An historical analysis of photojournalists’ access to photograph the President of the United States from 1977 to 2008,” will be published in American Journalism.



June 17, 2016: Dean Jerry Ceppos discusses the media’s initial failure to recognize the power of the Stanford sexual assault victim’s moving statement.



June 10, 2016: As hurricane season begins, Dr. Andrea Miller, associate dean and professor, discusses how crisis situations affect local journalists who cover these events.



May 31, 2016: Assistant professor Joshua Darr discusses Donald Trump’s disdain of political data and how it could hurt the GOP in future elections.