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LSU Manship School of mass Communication

LSU Cares


At LSU, we’re family and care deeply about the well being of our students. LSU CARES is an initiative dedicated to helping students access the resources they need to thrive here.


The mission of LSU CARES is to facilitate community development and student success through providing a mechanism to report situations and students of concern in an appropriate way.


If you are a member of the LSU community with a concern for an LSU student or are an LSU student with a concern for yourself, the LSU CARES Network is here to help. LSU CARES is a way to refer students of concern to make sure they get help from appropriate resources and offices.


Please note that LSU CARES is not the place to report emergencies or academic dishonesty.


If a student appears to be experiencing either academic or personal difficulties, you can help by making a report to LSU CARES.