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LSU Manship School of mass Communication

About Manship

Visit manship100.com/timeline for a digital timeline of the School since 1897.


The mission of the Manship School of Mass Communication is to produce highly competent communicators with broad knowledge and training in the liberal arts and the media. The school promotes effective communication, critical thinking, and ethical responsibility. Overall, and especially in the graduate program, the school is committed to leading the study and practice of media and public affairs. Believing that media should reflect society and provide leadership to society, the school seeks diversity in its outlook, student body, and staff.


Learn the skills and strategies used to communicate information to the public and, in fact, the world. Create news content, produce advertising and public relations campaigns, work on major political campaigns, and study emerging media outlets. Mass communication will give you the skills needed to become a great communicator in a global media environment.



How do I become a Manship School student?

Admission into the Manship School is selective, which means smaller class sizes and more one-on-one interaction between faculty and students. Download the application or learn more about admissions.